iOS 10: Five hidden features you may have missed (How To)

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Take control of your iPhone’s inbox and have fun with photos with these less-than-obvious updates.

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24 thoughts on “iOS 10: Five hidden features you may have missed (How To)

  1. I have a small Facebook icon on the lower left of the lock screen and if I swipe up it opens Facebook from the lock screen. How can I disable this? I haven't found any way to in settings and haven't seen a facebook icon on the lock screens I've seen on youtube.

  2. This new IOS SUCKS!!! You're demo is way too fast and NOT very good. Why did they screw this up SO BADLY without warning. Everything is in a new place and I can't find shit!! Time for a new phone and it wont be an IPHONE. THIS SUCKS!!

  3. I don't know if this is a big deal to anyone, but. I always send pics in my emails. You have to double tap now to insert a pic whereas before you would just hold your finger down. Took me forever to realize that.

  4. I have to use homebutton to unlock, i cant reply instant whatsapp on lockscreen, there's still no shortcut for battery saver, nevertheless, theres a lot of beautifull software design changes but Apple watch out with changing handy tweaks people love to use

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