iOS 7 Tips: Block Phone Calls and Text Messages

iOS7 brings with it a whole new look, but did you know you could block calls and text messages with Apple’s latest version too? In this video I show you exactly how to block a phone call, text message or FaceTime call from coming to your iPhone.


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21 thoughts on “iOS 7 Tips: Block Phone Calls and Text Messages

  1. If you block the person will they still be able to text you but you won't receive the messages?? By SMS because the person who I am about to block doesn't have iMessage, They have a different phone and I have an Apple phone and they have a Samsung one.

  2. I did this, blocked some nos. but it still goes through & the caller ID said it's blocked but the call still went through like a regular call. It didn't do like you did, skipped the ringing. And I tried blocking our own land line phone and it didn't block it either.

  3. What exactly happens when a person that you block tries to message you or call you? I am curious bc I can an annoying person I want to block lol. I might have to try this myself. Great video btw keep them coming.

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