iOS App Distribution Part09 02 Adding update metadata to iTunes Connect

New iOS 10 features make your iPhone and iPad dramatically different, and Apple’s iOS 10.1 update is already in beta to further change the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Here’s what’s new.

Apple’s iOS 10 and iOS 10.1 updates for your iPhone and iPad live up to the milestone software version number, with major changes to your daily phone and tablet routine.

You won’t recognize portions of the interface, it’s that different. But don’t worry, almost all of the new iOS 10 features are for the best – and absolutely free to download today.

It was announced to be in development – alongside watchOS 3 for the Apple Watch and macOS for Macs – ever since the company’s WWDC conference in June. It’s finally ready for you.

You’ll need time to wrap your head around the new functionality of this mobile operating system, so we went ahead of broke it down for you. Here’s what we’ve learned about iOS 10.

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