4 thoughts on “iOS – How Jailbreak Works – Explaining Exploits and Making an App (Part 2)

  1. Very nice video, I liked it, I still don't know about addresses but I'm still investigating, I'm aiming to install the original first firmwares of my testing iPhones 4S, 5 & 5S, I think that will be something very interesting.

  2. In the previous part, we discussed about the BootChain on iOS, and a little bit about the Kernel. If you remember, we also covered a little bit about exploits, but was only the tip of the iceberg. Today, as a poll I made on twitter was concluded with 90% positive answers, I made a new course for beginners in which I will tell you more details about the exploits, what are these, how they work, what they do and how you find them.

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