iPhone 5 – Apple Keynote Lies Exposed and More

My thoughts on the iPhone 5 and Apple’s Keynote, the lies on how Apple misconstrued the truth when they launch a new device. Also, my thoughts on where Apple is headed in the mobile space.

Android Vs iOS Series here: http://youtu.be/NMiY1kSTHZw

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Since I can’t reply to everyone I will back up my arguments from my video.
1. Many of you are saying that Apple said “Apple’s thinnest smartphone” or something else. No, they said exactly what I mentioned. Here is a clip from the actual…


27 thoughts on “iPhone 5 – Apple Keynote Lies Exposed and More

  1. Your whole video came down to "why doesn't Apple intentionally give out information that makes it seem they are doing badly?"

    Stupid. Especially since EVERY company says that.

  2. Best Thing are the prices. Example: ipad Air 499. ipad 2 399. where is the ipad 3 and 4 ? Normally it should be like this ipad Air 499, ipad 4 399 ipad 3 299… They are selling the OLD ipad 2 for the Price of the ipad 4. you cant buy the ipad 3/4 in the store

  3. If Apple continues to peddle their increasingly inferior smartphone product, they will eventually go down the toilet with sales as Samsung and others pick up the pace and blows them away with technologically superior products. 

  4. 100 apps is pretty believable… u dont just stick with a few games throughout…u play them..get bored..delete them and install some new ones…apart from some REALLY good ones or for the ones u paid…same goes wit various other apps..u install them..check it out..dont like them..then u delete them and look for new ones.

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