iPhone 5C Take Apart Repair Guide (Teardown)

www.RepairsUniverse.com – Repair some of the most common hardware issues on an iPhone 5c. With this walk through you can fix fix a cracked glass touch screen, broken LCD screen, damaged lightning dock port, non-functional headphone jack, and many more components!

Looking for extra help? We also have a iPhone 5C Screen Repair Guide video…http://youtu.be/o5oLqaTSCmU

Find all the parts you need to fix your iPhone 5C at:



4 thoughts on “iPhone 5C Take Apart Repair Guide (Teardown)

  1. You do not mention how to replace the LCD screen in this video, is similar to other phones where you have to heat it to remove? The Blackberry Z10 for example you just have push it out with a plastic tool from behind. 

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