iPhone 6 с 4K – Dual Screen

Phone 6C 4K is more than just a color phone. It’s an entirely new expression of what iPhone can be.
This time, our Creative Director, has made, at the SET Solution headquarter, a new concept: an iPhone with curved screen… because “Life is a curve!” .
iPhone 6 C is the first iphone with a curved display and body made by SET Solution in 2013, the main difference being its display which instead of being flat it create a rather unique design and feel to the device.

What do you think about this completely new CG smarthphone?

By the way, the iPhone 6C is only our concept.
We at “SET Solution” work hard to create these concepts, hoping to give some good ideas to the producers, and why not, to be contacted in order to become our concept, reality!

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7 thoughts on “iPhone 6 с 4K – Dual Screen

  1. No creo q se vendiera, pues las pantayas no son una, estsn divididas. Tal ves para gamers, pero decq surve tener dos pantayas separadas? Lo ideal es q tu pantaya verdaderamente se agrande permanesiendo una. Parese q ay otro prototipo d iPhone q si lo logra. Veremos.

  2. Wow bunch of bull shit they all ways do this with concepts just to get peoples attantion but when the product comes out its ganna be a piece of shit like always they copy everything from Android from phablet from everything like literally literally copies galaxy gear every thing fuck u apple

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