iPhone 6 Boiling Hot Water Test – Will it Survive?

The iPhone 5S survived approx. 17 seconds while the 5C lasted 29-31 seconds and the Samsung Galaxy S5 a couple minutes. How long will the new iPhone 6 hold up against boiling hot temperature water?


39 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Boiling Hot Water Test – Will it Survive?

  1. I hate video like these because it like what the fuck man your wasting money while people are starving in the world and even if I hate watching theses video is so tempting

  2. Yeah I got like a fourth of a cup of water on my phone and the display completely broke and I couldnt see the screen when I turned it on. I took it out right away and it was completely fine for the whole day, but the next day that happened and yet you put it in boiling water and it wqs completely fine… how the fuck does that work?

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