iPhone 6 fix when phone won’t turn on after charging

Push the side and bottom buttons at the same time. Hold until apple logo appears then release.


33 thoughts on “iPhone 6 fix when phone won’t turn on after charging

  1. i need major help i don't know whats wrong with my iPhone 6 plus when i press the power button it doesn't come on but when i plug in my charge it shows the apple logo then goes black but still shows light off the screen soon as i unplug it my phone jumps right back off i don't know what the problem is if anybody know please help with a solution.

  2. HELP! I have a 5c, I know old. But it was on 1% then it died, I plugged it in and it came up with the low battery sign when it's on charge. It's been on charge for over 30 minutes but I have no clue what to do. I've tried all solutions on YouTube and none have worked. Please help

  3. Thanks it helped out a lot, my mom didn't know why her phone was doing that and she asked me why and I told her I am not to sure why so I showed her what I had saw on the video and if it happens again let me know and I can show you again she was really happy about it.

  4. Okay I need help, my phone was on 1% and it died then i put it on the charger and it's been on there for awhile… And it's still showing the dead battery and I'm freaking out cause I have no idea what to do :(

  5. my phone wasnt charging and it turned off due to low batter and hasnt been turning on eversince , the battery sign wont even show when its plugged into a charger and this method didnt work for me any other suggestions?

  6. mine is the 6 plus. It's a lit up black screen and it happened to me yesterday but after 5 seconds it was normal. This morning, it has been like this for almost an hour now. No vibrations or anything is working and I have tried everything. Is there a fix or should I just go get a new one because I have a warranty. Btw I have NEVER dropped it.

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