iPhone 6s Chipgate?

Does iPhone 6s Chipgate slow your phone down? https://youtu.be/pXmIQJMDv68
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The iPhone 6s actually has two different processors, the Apple A9 Samsung edition and TSMC edition. With rumors of Chipgate making a huge difference to battery life and performance I wanted to put it to the test.

iPhone 6s Samsung model number: N71AP
iPhone 6s TSMC model number: N71MAP
iPhone 6s Plus Samsung model number: N66AP
iPhone 6s Plus TSMC model number: N66MAP

Lirum Device Info: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lirum-device-info-lite-system/id591660734?mt=8

Chipworks Apple A9 Samsung vs TSMC: http://www.chipworks.com/about-chipworks/overview/blog/a9-is-tsmc-16nm-finfet-and-samsung-fabbed
Thanks to Vsauce 3 for letting me use the awesome ∞ video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UqYfaxOJOg

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41 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Chipgate?

  1. No problem in the real world for moderate use. I Use both iphone with samsung and tsmc for about 5 months each. Didn't feel the different. I'm a moderate user. Not use it for heavy things. Just browsing, youtube, social and some games (coc, candy crush, pvz)

  2. I have the 6s powered by Samsung sucks I really wanted it to be powered by TMSC I mean like if the TMSC version was better then why didn't Apple have it manufactured by Samsung it's better battery life as well so it's better everyone in the world would be a lot more happier if all phones were powered by TMSC!!!!!

  3. I sold my last 6S Plus which had the TSMC chip in and it was silver. Then I bought a space Grey and it had the Samsung Chip, recently had it replaced and for good luck k went with silver again and it had TSMC chip in. Sold that to buy S7 Edge, sold that and bought another iPhone in space grey and it has the Samsung chip! Returning to Apple 2morro as iPhone overheating and switching off. Weird.

  4. I got the Samsung chip iPhone 6s plus 64g built on the week of 46 (NOV)2015, after 3 months of usage i got a 'No Service' appear on the signal bar and couldn't get a fix for it, even with all the rest and reboot. Took it back to the carrier and got a new phone iPhone 6s plus 64g built on the week of 28 (July) 2015, and now with the 'TSMC' chip!! Looks like the Samsung one sucks big time and messed up my phone for no reason. So far I am testing the new iPhone with the TSMC. I believe it might just be better. If my phone fails again for no reasons then I guess the 6s series of iPhone has some deep manufacturing and flaws in it. And Apple is keeping a very tight lid on it. Cross my fingers.

  5. +Austin Evans

    This IS a BIG F-ing Deal !!!

    A Class action is about to happen cos not everyone is getting the same chipset.

    I mean everyone is paying $600, $700, $800 and even up to $900 for the iPhone and you're not getting the same chipset across the board?!?

    Apple is cheating you.

  6. #HomeButtonGate

    When the home button has a cracking noise and it feels loose. I've had the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus and a few of them had this problem.

    I know others have had this issue with their iPhone. There's a lot of YouTube videos on it.

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