iPhone 6S Drop Test – FROM 900 FEET! Did it survive?

Today we do an Iphone 6S Drop Test from 900 feet using a drone. This will test the durability and resistance of the new Apple iPhone 6S. Apple claims it is the phone with the strongest glass in the world. Will it survive this extreme Drop Test? Let’s find out!

I hope you like this iPhone 6s Drop Test, Enjoy!

Drone used: DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter

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42 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Drop Test – FROM 900 FEET! Did it survive?

  1. Dropping it from that high up makes it fall slower then if you did it at 120 feet.
    simple science, That is because the phone will reach its terminal volacity like a 8th way through the fall then start to slow down.

  2. I'm pretty sure every phone will break from 900 feet drop!!!! I don't think you really needed to test this. And the back of the phone is pretty strong!! And when Apple said that I has a very strong screen…….."strongest" even. I don't think that they expected it to survive that high of a drop especially face down.

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