iPhone 6S VS iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test VS iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus!

iPhone 6S Drop Test VS iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test. CRAZY Unbreakable. Results Compared to iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Drop Test.


43 thoughts on “iPhone 6S VS iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test VS iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus!

  1. It just depends on how strong the iPhone is. Like one of my friends has a 5c and even though it's been dropped so many times it has no cracks or damage but another friend has a 5c and he dropped it once and the screen had cracks all over.

  2. I love your drop test videos, but I think you should try them in a parking lot or on the road. my friends and I are always dropping our phones getting in and out of cars or somewhere with a rougher surface than flat concrete

  3. Consumer affair should penalized apple for disrespecting the consumers, can you imagine, people spend 6 and 700 us on a cell phone that later the same company which manufacture or produce that cellphones pay to discredit the same phone, it is ridiculous that a guy paid for the apple come to this site to destroy the consumers, just because he is being paid to do that and apple wants to sell its new cellphones..

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