iPhone 7 10 Tips and Tricks Hidden Features!

iPhone 7 & 7 Pus Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features
Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7 that you didn’t know existed. The iPhone 7 comes with a plethora of features that they don’t officially tell the consumers about, but today ill be giving them to you. These hidden features should help you have a better experience using your iPhone 7. I hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks for Watching!
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41 thoughts on “iPhone 7 10 Tips and Tricks Hidden Features!

  1. 1 – Siri for Photos
    2 – Haptic Tap Intensity
    3 – Rest Finger to Unlock
    4 – Filter Unread Emails
    5 – Magnify
    6 – Swiping Between Apps
    7 – Clear All Notifications
    8 – Flashlight Intensity
    9 – Download Low Quality Pictures from Texts
    10 – Uber and Lyft from Maps

  2. I don't know what everybody's bitching about the home for! I pulled my iPhone 7 out of the package as a seasoned iPhone user since the iPhone original came out! I had no trouble getting used to the new home button! Hell I didn't even have to get used to it!!! It felt like a normal home button to me for the most part!!!

  3. I thought this was a very well done and informative video. So thanks for providing it.
    In iOS 10, Is there any way to delete all message/text "attachments" such as pictures or videos etc, other than going to each one, selecting details and highlighting each attachment then deleting?

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