iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Ringke Case Lineup

iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Ringke Case Lineup
Buy them here,
http://amzn.to/2dVvyVV – Slim 7
http://amzn.to/2e9GPjc – Slim 7 Plus
http://amzn.to/2e9Ha5y – Frame 7
http://amzn.to/2f6sj0q – Frame 7 Plus
http://amzn.to/2dJ0JAs – Max 7
http://amzn.to/2dVsclY – Max 7 Plus
http://amzn.to/2eR4JRL – Fusion 7
http://amzn.to/2dJ5oTc – Fusion 7 Plus
http://amzn.to/2dVxrSy – Onyx 7
http://amzn.to/2e9JzgD – Onyx 7 Plus
http://amzn.to/2eR2oGl – Air 7
http://amzn.to/2eR1aL7 – Air 7 Plus

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Ringke Case Lineup

  1. You should try out the Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro Extra Bass headphones. Just watched Unbox Therapy's video about them, and he's impressed. Now it's you'r turn :P

  2. An you make a video of the best cases with the circle cutout that shows the logo? I wanna make sure people know I'm rocking that apple product when I'm talking you fee me? Keep it up Floss!

  3. Just picked up a PRIV – X NOTE 7 user – been using NOTE line since NOTE 1! – this is the only phone I could switch to! …did not want a Note again..Samsung really failed me..- Before my first note I had an Iphone and before that I had a berry! Feels great to be back! @Flossy Carter you should check out the PRIV …real under rated

  4. Hey Floss just wondering if you heard about the new MacBook Pro that dropped. In my opinion it's pretty sick with the touch bar and touch I.D now integrated. Im wondering if you were interested or not in buying it, I know the price for macs is savage… but this one looks pretty sick

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