iPhone 7 Arrow Impact Test

iPhone 7 Arrow Impact Test

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Week of Destruction Videos:
Day 1 – Shotgun Unboxing: https://youtu.be/g5ung2ogo5w

Day 2 – Will A Katana Cut an iPhone 7 in Half? https://youtu.be/BVIqALm9lXI

Day 3 – Will Molotov Cocktail Destroy an iPhone 7?

Day 4 – iPhone 7 vs .50 Cal: https://youtu.be/2fNzB1bOnAs

Day 5 – iPhone 7 Arrow Impact Test: https://youtu.be/szq-NrWbn0Q

Day 6 – iPhone 7 vs Many Face God Mace: https://youtu.be/7SFIhL_ARl8

Day 7 – iPhone 7 vs Flamethrower: https://youtu.be/ERBzHZV1Mug

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40 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Arrow Impact Test

  1. when I clicked on your video, I was taken aback because somehow the criminals at the NRA managed to sneak their AD before your video. They things like fully automagic Assault Rifle 15s (which I will say have triggered memories of horrors like Gersh Kuntzman). I want you to know that I support gay/ black/ transgender/ homosexual gorillas, (Im also vegan) AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT GUN CULTURE. I will get you the help you desperately need, one way or another.

  2. Just an idea:
    If you were to FaceTime a Mac with the iPhone that you're about to destroy and use screen capture on the Mac, you could get a 1st person view before you destroy the phone. It may or may not work; just thought it would be a cool idea!
    You could even substitute with Skype too!

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