iPhone 7 Case Review – Peel Case: Week 2

All, I posted an unboxing review of the Peel Case and after two weeks, here are some quick thoughts. Nothing crazy, but showing that the case has withstood the first couple weeks quite well! It’s a great case that I highly recommend.

I apologize for some of the camera shakiness! I don’t have a true tripod yet and had to make due with an awful solution. It’ll improve I promise!

Link to my first unboxing and impressions video:

Buy the Peel Case Here:

Kubbi – Cascade

Mojave MA-200


8 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Case Review – Peel Case: Week 2

  1. Great review! Slightly off topic, but how is your battery holding out? Mind sharing the usage and standby hours you're getting on a single charge? And what sort of apps were used mostly?


  2. What do you think about mixing colors? For example I was thinking about getting the rose gold case for my silver iPhone 7, but do you think that would look odd based on how transparent it is? Better to stick with the corresponding phone color?

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