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AFTER MONTH’S WORTH of rumours and speculation, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are official. Apple has announced its flagship iPhone 7 Plus, a major upgrade to the iPhone 6s Plus.
The New iPhone 7 Plu s Is The BEst guys!!

The Lightning EarPods are precisely like Apple’s regular EarPods, this is to mention that they sound common-to-bad and wi-fi both wi-first-class or no longer-outstanding relying on your ears. Opposition like LG and HTC ship a notable deal higher headphones with their flagship telephones, and Apple owns Beats, so it’s really dewiwireless difwiwireless to recognize why it’s though transport such decidedly mediocre headphones with the iPhone. Mainlywireless while the enterprise is attempting to get every body to be obsessed on the flow into far from three.5mm. But here we are.

Of course, the real go with the flow Apple’s looking to make is to wi-fi audio, and the…


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