iPhone 7 Launch Parody : (UN)Official Video [FUNNY]

iPhone 7 launch parody! Our funny take on Apple’s new launch iPhone 7 and & Plus! Take a look!

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35 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Launch Parody : (UN)Official Video [FUNNY]

  1. let's see if the new phones can beat the iPhone 7 in the next 2 years the way iPhone 6s molested s7 edge n note 7 that were called the most powerful phones lol…I had an s7 edge and I agree it had a better camera than iPhone 5…because you should have seen they way the images pixelated when zoomed in lmao…but besides the little better camera that clicked better camera only if not zoomed in, all those 3gb ram and snapdragon shit couldn't beat a 1gb iPhone in speed test…and talking about water proof…iPhone 6 and 6s had water proof but didnt even mention it…check comparisons in YouTube itself…and super Mario…lol…that shows you havent even used an actual iPhone to check its appstore because people release games in ios before Android…faaking peasants lol…I guess you're making a video like this to earn some money to buy an iPhone lmao…gtfo…little knowledge is very dangerous

  2. now e days Android phones cmg in metal built quality …with more ram more camera ect … but do u knw android works perfectly only one year …. and once u purchased iPhone ..u can use it fr more than 2 years …. and also I will get some cash back …

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