Iphone 7 Plus Case Collection 2016

All phone cases are from eBay or aliexpress. If i didn’t put the price of the phone case its because it was no longer available from the seller i got it from.
Thanks for Watching! XOXO KeeKee

Whats on my iPhone 7 plus video:

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27 thoughts on “Iphone 7 Plus Case Collection 2016

  1. Can anyone with a phone case with a ring on it please provide website or link? I don't care the color it is I just love ring style 🙂 thanks
    Sorry for any mistakes I make I just learnd English last year

  2. Hey I just want to know where you got that black Henna print case from the one you said was simple but awesome I have been trying to find one like that for ages and I never have any luck :/ also I love your videos 🙂 <3

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