iPhone 7 Plus Case, Zizo Bolt Heavy Duty Armor [ULTIMATE PROTECTION]

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KX0JY94/

Here is one of the BADDEST cases for your #iPhone7Plus by ZIZO. #Drop #Protection at it’s best! Move over #Otterbox

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Case, Zizo Bolt Heavy Duty Armor [ULTIMATE PROTECTION]

  1. Just got mine it's great . I Did the unguy thing and read the instructions you don't have to take the case apart just snap the phone in place works great . Good video thanks man your the best

  2. got mine for $11 and free shipping on Ebay, I got a second one on Amazon and swapped the inner linings, now I have a black shell/OD Green lining and a desert tan/black lining, both look great

  3. Hi, Jay! Great review. Just wondering if you've had any issues with the power button malfunctioning. I've read some reviews on Amazon saying that either it's really difficult to push the power button because the casing is so tough and also that there's a nipple on the inside of the power button casing that people are shaving off with an exacto knife because it's causing the power button to randomly switch on.

    I'm also wondering why there's a cutout on the back side of the case near the bottom below the kickstand. Any thoughts on that?

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