iPhone 7 Plus: Performance, Gaming, Benchmarks [4k]

In this video we put the #iPhone 7 Plus through our usual performance tests. We show you how the phone performs in daily tasks and multi-tasking as well as gaming. Furthermore we show the results of a few synthetic benchmarks.

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4 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus: Performance, Gaming, Benchmarks [4k]

  1. Sure it is. It was for quite some time now and as things are developing, it'll be king of the hill in terms of response of ui and single app performance for the foreseeable future. It`s something like the benchmark in terms of software/hardware integration. No chance denying that. The benefits of SOC optimization to the OS scheduler are impressive and they give a remote idea, of what we droid guys are missing atm. That beeing said, their pricing and product schedule is a sham and puts their reputation to shame. This 7th iteration of the iphone made it quite clear, that apple is more of reacting to their competitors, then really innovating. If we leave the battery gate out of the game, Samsung showed that you can build competitive phones for the same price, chinese companies are on their toes as well. If apple cant come up with a revolution and stick for (what they call) "evolution", they will have a hard time, justifying their pricing. If they'd opt for the same kind of OS to hardware optimization, while going for as much power as possible, they could make a real difference. Imagine they would go for an A10 with 8 core big/little architecture, 6 gig ram AND their unique feature of hardware lever optimization. They wouldn`t have to go with stuff like "3d touch" and other small stepps. They could give this incredible power to APP devs and see, what the`d make of it. Of course they'd have to cute their revenue for one generation….so it probably won't ever happen.

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