iPhone 7 Plus Review

Wow, it’s been a long journey but it’s finally here

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36 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Review

  1. As an iPhone 7 the S7 edge still has a slightly better camera in most situations stop fucking kidding yourself. I like Apple products but your blatant and blind loyalty to the brand is almost nauseating.

  2. Interesting delivery style. Not so much a review as a love fest.

    I upgraded from the 5s to the 7+. I got the + because of the camera. The camera does indeed rock. I also got the 256GB model because 4k video. I do find the + size a bit large. I guess I have small hands. On the plus side, I can actually hit the damn keys finally! You know. On that keyboard thing. My typo rate is down by over 90%!

    Here's the punchline. The phone is free. What??? Yeah. I gave up my old no longer available unlimited data plan with AT&T. I got a new plan that covers the data I actually use. This plan costs much less. The other part is 30 month 0% APR financing via AT&T. So with the phone payments and the new plan, I'm paying LESS per month than the old plan.

    OK. So I have to watch my cellular data usage now. But I get a free phone out of the deal. A free phone that is a more powerful computer than my first Apple laptop (the awesome PowerBook G4 12" model) by every single metric used to measure the power of a computer.

    One more thing. The new home button is spooky as hell. It feels like it is being pushed. My brain is telling me that I'm pressing a physical button! I had no idea haptic feedback could be that convincing.

  3. I stumbled on this video and enjoyed it so much that I subscribed. The way you present your content is somehow therapeutic. I was on the fence about the 7 or 7+ mainly because I thought the changes to both phones were just incremental. You have brought to light that this is clearly not the case. Thanks to you and this wonderful video, I'm on my way to pick up a 7+ in the matte black flavor. Now all I need to decide is whether to get 32 or 128GB. I think I'll be using the camera on the phone a lot more than I usual. Thanks again for the great video.

  4. 16:40 The W1 chips are in the Air Pods, not in the iPhone 7. I think the Air Pods auto pairing feature works with any iOS device that supports Air Drop so basically iPhone 5 and newer and iPad 4 and newer. And they also work as normal Bluetooth headphones on anything that has Bluetooth

  5. 1. I completely agree with you on the comparing of photos. It's for regular people, not to take movies or photoshoots.
    2. The iPhone 7 has cell bands! They're simply harder to see on the newer colours since the cell bands are coloured. Look at the rose gold model.
    3.W1 chip is on the AirPods itself, not in the phone. Not new on the iPhone 7. They work with older iPhones too.
    4. Great video Andrew! Really enjoyed it.

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