iPhone 7 Plus Review – Familiar!

My review of the the new iPhone 7 Plus from Apple after using it as my primary device for about 10 days.

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Where to buy the iPhone 7 Plus:
Amazon.in – http://amzn.to/2cL6sGu
Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/2ddE7gK

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42 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Review – Familiar!

  1. ash i have a product which i want to you to review. kindly dm me your details and i will send it to you.
    I know u are always off schedule but we can talk in details via mail.
    Hope you atleast reply to this.

  2. Hi ash, Can you do a special video for iPhone portrait mode vs Pixel's lens blur only. Iphone's portrait mode is really game changer in mobile photography but google too have similar lens blur mode. So it will be really excited to see how both phone takes those cool blurred background photos or i should just say bokeh effect. Please don't ignore this comment i know many more viewers like me wants to see differences as there is no compression video for particularly on this mode on youtube. I hope you guys listen my request. ☺️

  3. I regret that I didn't sub earlier. I've been watching tech reviews on Youtube since over 5 years when I got my first Samsung Corby Pro. Love to see how the tech industry is literally exploding in India. Stay true to this Ash, we both know this is just the beginning. Also loved the 'thumbs down' if you didn't like the video. That was brave.

  4. Someone plz answer me . My s7 edge got error like unfortunately google play service has stopped, YouTube has stopped, and it will restart and get struck on Samsung logo screen. Service ppl are saying that they will replace the motherboard. Is it fine to do that ? Because my s7 edge is just 3 months old

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