iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing!

Hey Peeps! I got a new iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Matte Black and decided to share my unboxing with you. Thumbs up for more unboxing videos!

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing!

  1. Gabe, I'm sitting here with my husband watching you and have no earphones plugged in and when you were asking Siri what the weather is like Siri popped up on his phone telling him its cold and rather cloudy! We were shocked and found it funny. When your talking Siri is always listening its like having a spy in your camp lol

  2. Hi Gabe great video on the IPhone 7 I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 I know once you are use to what you have you keep getting it… But I do have a IPad Pro don't tell anyone… LOL I would love to see more videos like this… How about a Fab Fit Fun unboxing or Love with Food and Candy Club just some examples…. Luv u guys stay blessed….

  3. I'm so jealous you got your phone so quickly! Lol. I ordered mine on the 9th I think and they told me I wouldn't get it until like a week or two into November! I hope I get it way before then though. Maybe it's because of the color? I ordered a rose gold one, but your black one is very sleek and pretty!

  4. I get a new iPhone 7, give my iPhone 6 to moms and she gives her iPhone 5s to grandma. Next year we do it all over again. Grandad says he's happy with his 2005 flip phone xD.

  5. I swear almost everyone I watch on YouTube got the new iPhone. They should give the old ones away in a contest or something. I have one and I know so many people can't afford one. So it would be nice to give one to someone.

  6. I'm very careful with everything especially my phones,but with my previous phone,as soon as I took it out of the cover,it fell,but somewhere soft. I make sure to keep my present one in the case(the one like a book),it's so convenient.

    You could show any other technologies that you unbox or furniture,but I'm curious about some of those apps. I'm sure you might have several helpful apps which show where to find discount clothes,furniture,etc, even best travel spots,eateries,and so on.

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