iam giving away this iphone 7 here ► https://goo.gl/AYl4vu

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  1. I'm from Belgium and I am 14 i still don't have a smartphone or any phone! I would really like it if I win this because I just can't afford it! I hope this giveaway is still open?! love this video!

  2. hi so i would really want to win the iphone and i know this might sound greedy but my birthday was the 12 of november and my email is nemerkaiserbella@gmail.com also i would not be keeping it i would be giving it to my 18 year old sister i am 24 i already have an iphone 7 i know that my sister would really enjoy it please at least email me saying if i won or not:)

  3. i would love to win this iphone cause I love taking pictures. atleast I didn't have to take my dslr everywhere I go and just taking my iphone 7 cause there's dual camera means the camera is gooooddddddd! ❤❤

  4. please pick me for the rose gold 7 plus please . I would appreciate if you [pick me because phones are to expensive for my family so therefore none of us have a phone . It would make my family and i day if you chose me because all four of us can share the phone . Please pick me , im begging
    Email : azitaethomas@gmail.com
    Instagram : a_mazing
    Facebook : Azitae Thomas

  5. i would love an iPhone as i am a subscriber and i really truely need a new phone so i hope you consider me because it would be a dream come true
    insta: sophie.ann.11

  6. Hi Good day, Im Axl Rose Melendez Alsong, 16 from the Philippines. I will start as Why do I deserve to win your giveaway Iphone 7plus is that I know I can take Goodcare of it just like my smart phone which is my|phone it is a Philippine brand mobile. I have it as a christmass gift from my dad when I in was 6th grade and I have it with me for 5 years, sadly last November 9 2016 it died and I dont have a phone now. I know myself, thats why I know I can take goodcare of it. Iphone in the Philippines is very very expensive and Iphone is really my dream phone. My parents knew that it is my dream phone but they cant buy me one because their sallary is not engough to buy it. I dont complain because I understand about our situation. My dad is a government driver while my mom is working in school as an accountancy aid 3. last month my cousin (which is leaving with us) had a braincancer which is very surprising, and he needed to have a immediate surgery. right know he is under chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I ask my mom last night if she can buy me a regular smartphone, but she said that she dosent have enought money to buy. So right at this moment, im in a computer shop (we dont have a wifi) typing this and hoping that you could read it and choose me as your luckiest winner. if ever i won it will be my first ever apple phone. Thank you for giving us an opportunity for those who cant afford to buy such an expensive phone a chance to have a Iphone. Thank you and hoping you could read this. Godbless and Godspeed

  7. may i win this ophone because o have entered plenty of giveaways and im doing this because we cant afford much right now and we dont really have anything to entertain us rather than playing tag are s5 broke and its too expensive to get a replacement and are old pc has the trojan virus which is much to repair and i want this iphone to share with my family so we can play on it and call my grandma and grandpa with.

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