iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan – A Trailer

Check out this video of iPhone 7 concept which also provides iPhone 7 price in Pakistan. iPhone 7 price is expected to be more than 1 lac Pakistani Rupees. To check iPhone 7 price in Pakistan, visit this link: http://www.jambo.pk/apple-iphone7

Here is what IPhone User Wants from new IPhone 7

Amidst many rumors and loads of speculations, voice of a common user fades out. Websites, designers, tech-savvies, and media giants are immersed in coming up with iPhone 7 concepts, but it is time to turn an ear to what a common iPhone user wants from the new phone. Isn’t it unfair that the person, who is going to pay high iPhone 7 prices in Pakistan, doesn’t have any say in its making? Who knows, opinions and needs of people like me and you can make difference in development of the new phone. So, we talked few of the loyal iPhone users and jot down what they want from iPhone 7. Moving away from speculations, here is what they want to see in new phone:

Battery that can run for at least…


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