iPhone 7 | TOP 10 Concept iPhone 7 Design Apple Video Most Nice

iPhone 7 | Video TOP 10 Most Nice Concept Design Apple iPhone 7
After the iPhone 7 so now is the time to dream about the iPhone 7 and in the meantime, designers Sahanan Yogarasa launched new designs for you to admire.
IPhone Concept 7 This metal frame ultra-thin shell, 2K Retina display is the sharpest, the external speaker is quite bunkers in the front next to the top and bottom 8MP camera selfie. The designer also equip the iPhone 7 USB Type-C and most interesting point was 3 familiar Android navigation buttons are also located below the screen.

Still buttons like Back, Home and Menu, it makes you feel that this is not a product from Apple. The color is also very bright as red, blue and shiny yellow.
IPhone Concept 7
Not stopping there, Sahanan Yogarasa also gives iPhone 7 a feature very handy, but many people are expecting – wireless charging. You see how about this design? It can make you…


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