iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel Speed Test

iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel Speed Test

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel Speed Test

  1. besides the WiFi test, you can notice that most of the 'speed time' of the Pixel is lost on that 1 app where it just loads a lot. No one knows how Apple has very strict regulations for app development and release? And maybe just that app is to be blamed and not the phone itself. Some apps are released 1st for iPhone(thus have longer time for improvements).

  2. The first app ruined the entire test. also these apps are waiting on internet to open, not hardware. also are they on wifi or cell network? the same cell network or same wifi? these factors effect the results immensely. don't you know this? also it looks like one phone is using live wallpaper and one isn't. that's a RAM hog bro. any app that takes a really long time to open isn't the phone, it's the app, or the internet connection. it's strange my iPhone 7 and pixel xl get very similar speeds around 145 is Mbps. I don't test them at the same time because that would be stupid. I'd be testing which one can take a router hostage faster.

  3. sorry but "real world" is not playing 5 games at once. the iPhone clearly kicks ass with heavy duty stuff. but just saying, these tests are pointless and rather misleading to the uninformed when you're starting off your test with games and compounding the time gap with each game. a real world test for the majority of users would be actual real world things… opening the dialer, messenger, contacts, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, internet browsers, settings…run that test and you'll find the pixel is as fast or faster than the iPhone for actual real world things for the overwhelming majority of users out there. now…if after that test you run a second test where you add five games to the end of it…you'll see thats exactly where this huge performance gap and time gap would come into play. I have no skin in the game and this is not an excuse, but just wanted to let curious readers know that for conclusive results, it's all in how you design your experiment. This explains why when you ask new iPhone converts about their pixel experience across the web, the general consensus is that the pixel seems downright speedy, smooth, and responsive. Hope you'll consider doing additional tests in the future!

  4. Lol what a bs speed test. Ur squeezing in game-apps and we all know how shitty those run on androids. Even Samsung's galaxy beats google pixel in loading games but NOT everyday-apps like YouTube and other social media apps. I'd be very interested in a non-gameapps speed test comparison :)

  5. its all software part idk how ppls starts comparing that kind of speed test with hardware -.- if ur developers or follows clear cut changelog u might find google reverted back its ART from early extraction process to on time extraction process and while if u know apple only have to concern on single flagship so they really have enough time to invest all their resources to invent perfect compatible software which matches to their hardware

  6. I personally feel that phones in the last few years, if you get a higher end phone, will be great despite having low benchmarks. I've had many android phones, not all of them top of the line and each one of them was great for me for how I wanted to use them. everyone is caught up with which phone is best which phone is fastest, but I feel we've hit a point where many phones out there will get the job done. that said, I'm curious to see how the phones would compete with the same resolution

  7. LOL at the whiners claiming the test isn't fair because of the screen resolution.

    Sorry to break it to you, but there are speed tests of the Pixel against the 7 Plus and the 7 Plus beats that test handily as well. And I mean the Pixel with the 1920×1080 screen, because I know someone is going to try and claim it's the Pixel XL.

    So sorry the iPhone 7 is the fastest. Or that a 6S also beats the Pixel.

  8. sure the iphone7 appears faster but who normally leaves all apps open at once when using the phone for everyday use? the iPhone also has a shocking battery compared to the pixel… I'd much rather battery life over a slightly faster processor…

  9. Of course it loads video games faster it's loading at almost half the resolution. I mean i don't care much which is faster but you should probably understand that what in hell you're doing

  10. Not a viable test. Why?

    Plainly because these are not the same OS, not the same at all.

    Let me explain.

    Apple makes one or two phones a year, that's it. Their OS has to run on these two phones alone, or their previous phones which are not too dissimilar, so this respectively is why the iPhone is more OPTIMISED!!!! Remember that word apple sheep, OPTIMISED!!!!!!!!!! NOT FASTER, JUST OPTIMISED!!!!!! OK.

    The Google OS (similar to Windows) has to run on a plethora of hardware, different screen sizes, ram sizes, cpu types, memory types, architecture types, battery sizes. So you can imagine how difficult it would be to make an OS to run perfectly on these varying devices.

    In fact, the way that the Android device keeps up with the singular apple device in most if not all tests is a massive achievement.

    But again, why take my word for it. Just waste another £1000 on the crap that's been controlling you for the last decade.. 🙂 idiots.

  11. I don't know why people try to argue PPI and screen resolution as the main problem with a speed test.
    The speed test shows clearly that the iPhone is great for gaming and that if you don't care about having games on your phone, then go with just about anything else. At least that's what I got from it. I just use social media, phone, texting, and music. So personally I don't care for the iPhone. I have a pixel and before that I had the Note 7. I miss my stylus. I miss being able to create GIFs, Screen Shoot with the pen to select what I want to screen shoot, and being able to scroll to screen shoot full pages. But that's cause I use my phone for socializing, not for gaming. To each their own. Personally I'll never buy an iPhone. Not cause they're bad, cause it's not what I want. lol. Too many people trying to tell others how to spend their money. just buy what you want and then start googling next years model. lol

  12. screen resolution impacts performance too. if you want to compare any gaming benchmarks, do the iPhone plus vs normal pixel since they have the same specs other than resolution.

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