iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S Plus – SPEED TEST

Speed Test comparing the Apple iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S Plus.
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20 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S Plus – SPEED TEST

  1. the main difference in the performance is due to the A10 fusion chip. Iphone 7 has A10 fusion chip which has lower power usage cores for small processes. that is why there is a delay in iphone7 . Iphone 7 closes apps faster due to the taptic engine and u dont really press the home button so the faster response and faster action. can you do a camera test on 7 and 6s plus and also 3.5 mm audio and lightning audio

  2. holy fuck i remember when you were this nerdy little kid. for some reason i remembered your channel i can't believe youre still making vids. i used to watch you all the time when you first started.

  3. Sorry Ty Moss but this video does not (or maybe it does) show off you tech video capabilities. After devoting your whole teenage and young adult life to these kind of videos you would think you know how to make a good speed test video with good lighting and all. However this video just stinks. A lot of your subscribers want the old ty moss back. You had a lot of potential in YouTube. Try to get back in the game or just delete your tech channel.

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