iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 1000 FT Drop Test!! Which one survived?

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In today’s episode of UnlockRiver’s extreme durability review we will find out which phone takes a 1000 feet drop test better. The contenders are the Apple iphone 7 and the samsung Galaxy S7. And just for fun, we will include the Nokia 3310. This was also a collab with Gizmoslip. Make sure you check out their awesome 100 ft dop tests videos.

Will any of these phones survive the impact? Let’s find out!

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GizmoSlip channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GizmoSlip

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👉 iPhone 7 Drop Test – From 1,000 FEET!!

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 1000 FT Drop Test!! Which one survived?

  1. According to my calculations the S7 hit the ground first which caused the impact for the iPhone 7 to be greatly decreased by 200.47%. This caused the iPhone 7 to have a less impact than the S7 because the S7 hit the ground 0.027658 seconds before the iPhone 7 hit the ground.

    LOL jk but if the S7 hit the ground first that might have changed the results than if each one was dropped separately.???? What do you guys think. Not trying to create hate :)

  2. Ti si jedan lažov, ja tebe već dulje vrijeme pamtim kao jednog od vodećih falsifikatora svega, ti si jedan lažov, monstrum… baci sebe sa 300 m pa cemo vidit sta ce ostat od tebe, vucibatino jedna, vucibatino, klošaru jedan

  3. Firstly u should drop them separately because all will land on each other causing the damage to no be bad on the top phone. And the s7 green is curved making it more fragile . U should went with the regular s7

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