iPhone Microphone Review (6 Mic Options for Your iPhone Video Camera)

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iPhone Microphone Review (6 Mics): http://www.jameswedmore.com/iphone-microphone-review-6-mics

The RECOMMENDED Microphone: http://amzn.to/1JKEFEA

As you might already know, James is a huge advocate for using your iPhone as your primary video camera. Using your iPhone instead of a fancy DSLR type camera will save you time, money, etc. Your viewers won’t be able to tell the difference in video quality, but they will notice bad sound quality. To improve the sound quality in your smartphone videos, you should be using a plug-in microphone. In this video, James reviews 6 microphones, currently on the market, that are compatible with the newest iPhones. Discover the pros and cons of each mic to determine which option is best for your budget and the videos you want to make. James will also provide his personal recommendations to get the best sound quality in your next…


45 thoughts on “iPhone Microphone Review (6 Mic Options for Your iPhone Video Camera)

  1. I want to be able to record music by placing a mic near my speaker; what's the best inexpensive mic I should use for this type of recording?

    I want to block out any ambient back round noise..


  2. What is the best choice of microphone if you are doing workout videos and jumping around and stuff? I would hate to get ll tangled up in a cord!! lol Thanks James! Love your videos!!!

  3. I really enjoy learning with your YOUTUBE CHANEL. I am out shopping for a Mic and you just helped me. Thank you.
    (note from a photographer: pls, get that selfie you just took and use on your profile. Your actual profile photo doesn't do you justice 🙂 Take care! You are awesome.

  4. HI +JamesWedmore love your video's man. I just got the Movo LV1 mic. for my iphone. But, when I plug it into my iphone and make a video there is no sound. I can see the video, but I can't hear any thing. Is this a bad mic, or am I missing a step ?

  5. Thanks James! This is Carl from Edutige. Awesome to hear you liked our mic the best! A couple of things people might be interested in knowing…

    1. We have a 16ft cable that's the same as the one you have and it's the ESL-002.

    2. When buying from Amazon, the only official seller is Edutige America in the US or Edutige Europe in, well, Europe, of course.

    Other sellers don't offer warranty, and are selling either used, defective or old products. One mic was 10 YEARS OLD and sold as new.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks again for the awesome video!


  6. En mi iphone 6s el Momo LV1 no funcionaba!!! hace algun tiempo yo compre un selfie stick con disparador conectado en el headphone jack 3.5 mm y aveces funcionaba y a veces no, como me costo tan barato le tire la culpa a la calidad del accesorio, compre el mic movo y daba el mismo error, a veces grababa y a veces no, movía un poco el conector y grababa, lo regrese a la tienda creyendo que estaba malo el conector, y cuando llego a casa y pruebo el que me habian dado por el supuesto malo PUM el mismo problema y no se porque se me vino a la mente el problema con el selfie stick, entre a un foro del iphone y varios reportaban el mismo error con accesorios varios, no se si es error del iphone o de los accesorios porque yo lo soluciones con unos audífonos bose que traen una extension para hacerlos mas largos, use esa extension con movo y con el selfie stick que ya habia dejado guardado y BINGO problema resuelto!!!!

  7. Very nice mate. For my Car reviews, I need to not use the Iphone 6 because of the additional "in-car" sounds.. However I have been using the clip mic digital along with the FIlmic Pro app. It is dreadful. I also tried the smart lav and sent it back as that was marketly worse than the standard iphone mic. Do you have any recommendations in this case?

  8. Currently, I'm unable to use external microphones with my iPhone 6s Plus or my iPad Air 2. The only microphones that seem to work are the ones designed to be used in conjunction with the lightening connection. Anything that requires input from the headphone jack does not work.

  9. Thanks for the video! It really helped. How does the recommended Movo LV1 Lapel mic do with wind outside? I live out in West Texas and wind is my biggest challenge.

  10. James, I love the info, thx for sharing! Question: Is the green tint a function of your chromakey screen? Did you try adjusting it with Screenflow, or whatever you're using in post? (from down the road in SJC)


  11. LOVE your videos James, but you made a video about audio quality, comparing several lavaliere, and then played classical faintly in the background throughout.. I found it very annoying and kept unplugging my earphones thinking it was in the background in my house, or the earbuds were picking up a radio signal or something, but then it clearly cuts out at the end of your video.. LOVE your stuff as I said, but this was not my favorite.

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