iPhone SE & iPad Pro 9.7″ – Apple Event Recap | FPT NOW

Though today’s Apple event was somewhat underwhelming, we got a few updates:

Apple Watch:
New bands.
Now starts at $299

tvOS update:
Siri for App Store
iCloud Photo Library – works with Live Photos
Update available today.

iPhone SE:
4-inch screen
Still very powerful: includes the Apple A9 processor – Same as the 6S
Blah, blah, blah, details….
Basically a 6S condensed into a 4-inch screen
16GB: $399
64GB: $499
$17/month on 24 month contract plan
Orders start March 24th; available March 31st

iOS 9.3:
Night Shift – warmer colors at night on screen
Notes – now password-protected
Health – app suggestions
News – Blah
CarPlay – Every major car brand is committed to integrate CarPlay
Education – Also kinda blah.
Available today.

iPad Pro:
9.7-inch screen; weighs less than a pound
Pro Display: Same materials in the first iPad Pro
Night Shift with this as well.
True Tone Display: Detects ambient light to adjust screen color temperature
Four speaker audio


16 thoughts on “iPhone SE & iPad Pro 9.7″ – Apple Event Recap | FPT NOW

  1. So I should sacrifice 4 minutes to watch and listen to your irritating voice condescendingly rehash 1 hour of your wasted time for something that was summed up 2 months ago in a Verge article… Please. Next…

  2. I really enjoyed this summary video, thanks Jon.
    You really should consider making a regular tech news show, I think you got something here!!
    PS: NINTH and there is nothing Kurt can do about it.

  3. I wish Apple could've made the design slightly different for the iPhone SE so that it could stand out from the iPhone 5 & 5S. But the iPhone 5's design is my favorite so can't really complain. Though, I really wish the bezels are smaller. The iPhone SE is definitely an option (not my top option) as my next smartphone (definitely paying extra for 64GB). The lack of 3D Touch, was extremely disappointing, but I think I can live with it.

    I was expecting the 9.7" iPad Pro to have a different name, like iPad Air 3 or iPad Pro Mini.

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