IT Professional – Steve Jobs, Top Innovation Tips Part 2

Steve Jobs Bio – Innovation Tips Part Two (Special Edition in both Video/Audio and Text)

1. What is the root of innovation?
2. How to build your confidence and challenge huge corporations
3. How to make your team reach the impossible
4. How to create the Ultimate Sophistication
5. Creating the Ultimate Reward for your team, without increasing salaries
6. Why getting more, brings less value to your life
7. The secret sauce of long lasting companies
8. How to block your competitors and pay less to your suppliers
9. The “3 Clicks Magic Rule”
10. How to overcome a major crisis, and become a winner
11. How would you know if your company is losing in the innovation race

And much, much more

The second and last pack of 26 Gem Packed Innovation Tips extracted of the most recent Steve Jobs books (hundreds of pages and 35 hours of listening), including:

It is all in Episode 4 of…


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