26 thoughts on “iTunes 11 Review

  1. What a shit load of whiners you people are. If it weren't on a roll and you forgot where your asshole was it would probably never get wiped. Think for yourself a little bit. A load of the functions are right in front of you when you look at the iTunes program. No wonder as Americans we've become a nation of DUMB SHITS. Can't read, spell, write a decent thought and need your hand held any time you "DON'T GET IT" right away. Puleeeze!!! This latest upgrade of iTunes (11) is a Godsend, it's great!

  2. Itunes 11 is so bad, I cannot believe it. I love my ipod and my iphone, they're great devices and I never had issues with them. If anything is gonna make me switch to another product it's Itunes if it keeps going like this. I just don't understand why simple tasks are so complicated right now.

  3. Cover Flow Is Really Gone? Like WTF Apple? I've always loved ITunes For organizing and playing music. The previous version was so simple, user friendly, and easy on the eyes. This is crap, nobody likes it

  4. I came here to read the comments BEFORE I downloaded 11. Thank you ALL for persuading me to NOT upgrade/download this. I hereby believe it IS a piece of garbage by the comments.

  5. icopilot1 You're a complete tool. I don't know who the hell paid you to make this video but it's obvious you confused the word "Review" with "Tutorial." No user likes iTunes 11 and it seems like the whole world is being paid to tell us it's awesome. IT'S NOT! IT'S ONE BIG COMMERCIAL. iTunes WAS perfect until 11 came around. Go fuck yourself. 

  6. I've been having the crappiest problem ever. I am dragging my MP3 files into iTunes and it doesn't show up. AT ALL. I have tried doing it from the File tab, "Add File to Library" still doesn't work, I've looked up the other solutions, still nothing. iTunes 11 is so dumb. I miss the old iTunes.

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