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itunes hack code generator .exeGenerally, we’re pretty tuned in to events happening in the retail world. But once in a while, we find out we’ve been completely blind to something until it hits us directly. So it has been with what appears to be a massive and ongoing security breach in the iTunes store. Coupling this incident with the recent announcement by Walmart and Target that they are joining with roughly a two dozen other retailers to develop a mobile payment system has led me to write a piece that picks up where partner Nikki Baird’s piece leaves off. My short message is “Kids, don’t try this at home. Make sure something happens, but leave payment processing to the pros.”

I know the scent of a $660 billion market is intoxicating to retailers, and the notion of recouping just a single point ($6.6 billion) is nothing short of ambrosia, but there’s a whole lotta grief waiting to happen. And stellar reputations are at risk.

First, my iTunes hack story, which…


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