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itunes gift card offers ukYou’re not alone. Passcodes get forgotten more often that you might think, and we are frequently asked how to bypass them and hack into an iPad or iPhone. Bypassing passcodes, generally speaking, is on what we’d call the “black hat” (or legally questionable) side of tech support, but there are legitimate instances where people have forgotten the passcode. In these instances, you’ll need to get around the passcode to use your own iPad or iPhone. Nothing dodgy about that.

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(If you’re reading this page because you just pinched an iPhone and then discovered it was locked, the police have already been notified and are on their way as we speak.)

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at your options for hacking an iPad (or iPhone) passcode. You’ll have to restore your device, but it’s worth it to get the iPad up and running again. If you have a bit more confidence – and a…


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