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itunes hack download free musicApple’s iOS 10 has weaker encryption that could make it much easier to access a password-protected backup, according to a Russian company that sells software for breaking into iPhones.

The vulnerability lies in local backups of devices running iOS 10, Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Those backups, unlike ones saved to an iCloud account, can be accessed without certain security checks, according to Oleg Afonin of Russian software company Elcomsoft.

Afonin did not share which security checks could be bypassed when accessing a local backup stored in iTunes, but suggested that their absence would enable password-guessing software to work more than 40 times faster on iOS 10 devices than on those running earlier versions.

“This new vector of attack is specific to password-protected local backups produced by iOS 10 devices,” Afonin wrote in a blog post. “The attack itself is only available for iOS 10 backups. Interestingly, the ‘new’ password…


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