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itunes gift card 10.00Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod maintains a backup list which syncs with iTunes every time you plug it into your computer. An incomplete or unsuccessful iPhone jailbreak, iOS update, a hard reset or the purchase of a new iPhone may lead to data loss. Then how can you restore the lost data? The backup file is a great help. iTunes allows you to restore lost files from the previously created backup.

iTunes askig for password to restore
iTunes asks a password to restore from backup

But what makes seemingly great things bad is that iTunes asking for a password when restoring from backup. And what is worse, you never remember setting up such a password to protect your backup, so how could I know the password? Or you may lost/ forgot password if you remembered setting up one. How can you reset or disable this iTunes backup password so that you can restore your iPhone from the backup to get the data in the backup?

Don’t worry, you have some methods to try. Though some…


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