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  1. I'd be all over this IF IF IF IF IF it allowed streaming of your files. I got a 32GB iPad with lots of apps so I can't really fit an HD season of any tv show without tinkering with my memory and deleting stuff…I don't like doing that–it feels limiting. 

  2. They gouge us here (Canada)…I pay about 65$-70$ just for DSL. I've been storing content (movies and music) on my time capsule and stream with File Browser app. If I were to upload everything music wise to the cloud… and stream? hmmm… I could see that costing me more than 27.99 CAD on the back end with Bell Canada stretching their hand out. Thats the only thing that disappoints me with my apple tv. The strategy the ISP has come up with to control my downloading habits.

  3. What I find "iffy" about this is here in Canada our "Big 2" ISP's (Rogers, Bell) have maneuvered download caps. Yes thats right. Basic high speed gives you about 25 GB up/download limit. You have to upgrade to what they call a "Performance" package to bring you to about 45 GB/month, of which I still manage to max out from time to time. With my apple TV, streaming TV, youtube, gaming, etc…and now I could stream music? I see max out on the horizon…
    You can get File Browser (iphone/ipad +NAS)

  4. all i can say is i have iTunes match and i love it… you can still carry a library of music on your phone for when you don't have any service…. and when you do have service or wifi you have access to your entire music library! so you're not confined to the GB's of your iPhone….

  5. @littlequags The issues I have with Google music are that you have to upload your ENTIRE library to their servers which takes a while (I should know, I have done this) and second, it just uploads and it doesn't sync. When I update a file in iTunes or create a new playlist, it instantly is affected on my other devices.

  6. @bahkyhung It's funny you mentioned making a blank audio file and giving it the required information to make it seem like another song, I have the same question. Currently it isn't clear how Apple matches the songs. Also if the song titles are in korean characters and Apple has them in the iTunes store then it will match them if not it will just upload them as is.

  7. My itunes library has artist/songs/albums that don't contain english characters, (that includes the american artist) its all in korean characters … will the match system be able to recognize this? I also remix songs how will the match system be able to tell the difference if I didn't rename the track? and what if you create a blank mp3 but give it the same duration and data of an itunes song… will match know the difference?

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