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itunes gift card jogjaThe walls Apple has built around its iWorld seem to need more consolidation with rogue developers reportedly hacking customers’ iTunes accounts, stealing their money. A report by The Next Web details the means by which so – called “App Farms” are being used to delude iPhone and iPod touch owners, and includes a few pieces of advice on how to stay on the safe side.
The report in question, broken down by verified findings, informs that an unspecified number of iTunes accounts have been hacked and used to purchase apps. One particular developer is mentioned as the author of such hacks – Thuat Nguyen, whose books fill spots 1 to 40 in the books category of the US iTunes store, according to another report.

According to the former source, since the discovery of his mischief, the developer’s account and all applications have been removed. Sadly, however, a number of other developers have been identified as similarly bad intended, with even more…


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