iWork 2014 Demo – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Apple has rewritten all of the OS X iWork apps. Significant performance improvements, a redesigned interface, new features, and better integration with iCloud are all present inside of the three iWork applications: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. In this demo, we’ll take a quick look at these apps.






42 thoughts on “iWork 2014 Demo – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

  1. While I love iMac's other stuff, it totally sucks in spread sheet arena. Whether the MS excel for Mac or Numbers (pathetic), is no match to MS Excel 2013 (for Windows)…..With $200 billion in the kitty, these guys should have had the best spreadsheet ever, irresistible to the people working in finance domain..

  2. after creating the presentation using keynote and saving it in iCloud, will it work if I will access my iCloud at the conference room in the office to show my work with a computer running windows? New to Apple ecosystem by the way.

  3. Can i create an invoice on number with a signature box for a stylus type pen and send it as a template to my ipad. that way i can have customer signing, on my ipad, the invoice. I would like to be able to add hand writing to documents like parts list, reports etc…Very nice video, thanks for your help.

  4. Can you help me ? I think i can link some models with my own contact card but when i open a new one like curriculum vitae i dont see my name and address but i see Urna Semper. I have my own contact card but i dont know how to link contacts and pages together …

  5. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. May I have your permission to download it and host it on our own school's media server. We are in China, and YouTube is not easily accessed here. I will place a link back through to your channel if that's OK. 

  6. I've never used Pages so I'd appreciate your help.
    Can I create a (square) book, with a text on one page and a picture on the other, using Pages (mine is '09)? And if so, should I start with a blank page in word processing or page layout?
    I don't have Keynote. Can I download this app?
    The sharing icon says that iWork has been discontinued. How can I send my work to anyone then?
    Thanks for your support. Sorry if some of these answers can be found in your video but that means I missed them. :-))

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