42 thoughts on “Let’s Play Terraria iOS/Android Edition – Defeating the Plantera! – Episode 53

  1. guys help me i still cant defeat the plantera i have terra blade and 5 light discs and harpy wings and full set of hallowed armor and an arena and flamethrower thats all i have but i cant still defeat it help me pls´╗┐

  2. Took Me 3 Tries..

    On The 3rd Try I Was Like.. YUSSSSSS

    And Now There's Like Loads Of Plantera Bulbs In My Jungle And Now I'm Like "Nope!"

    I Also Deafeted Ocram & Golem The Same Day

    Both Of Them Where Defeated On First Try!´╗┐

  3. really? 1 light disk?! those things stack up to 5! 5 light disks are so op, you dont have to wait to throw 1, bcuz you dont run out ever, so you can spam them without waiting for them to come back´╗┐

  4. Are the Plantera Bulbs rare?I have killed all the Mechanical bosses.
    When I first saw the bulb I broke it and Plantera spawned.I was doing just fine by shooting with my Terra Blade.Then when I saw that I had lost a lot of health I staryed running.But Plantera despawned.From then to this day I am still searching for a new bulb.´╗┐

  5. I killed him Ed first try but I noticed it pisses the planters if u run so try staying in one place and kill him but once I treys beating him two other times sense I ran for a good place to battle him he got pissed and killed me in like 5 hits so yea…. And yes this door does hack lol´╗┐

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