LG V20 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed/Multitasking/Downloading/Heat Test!

Speed test between the LG V20 vs the iPhone 7 Plus, both devices just recently received software updates so it will be interesting on how these two devices battle it up on the speed test when it comes to performance.

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46 thoughts on “LG V20 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed/Multitasking/Downloading/Heat Test!

  1. On the surface it would seem the iPhone 7 plus had better performance. But in reality the V20 trounced the iPhone 7 plus, since it was driving 78% more pixels!!! Amazed by the S820. Qualcom outdid themselves. When I think Apple can only push 1080p with their tiny battery and CPU!! No wonder they don't want to increase the display resolution…

  2. you're talking about 2 to 3 seconds difference!! If that's all it is then it comes to personal preference whether you like iOS or Android. I don't think someone is going to make a huge purchase because a phone opens an app seconds before the other one!!

  3. So iphone 7. Considered one of the best performance smart phones out there. Brags about a desktop grade processor and is fast because everything is optimized for IOS. Yet beats the v20 in 2 tests(14 vs 16), at least from what I'm understanding in this video testing thing, and this guy makes the phone sound like it's dead slow. I'm no LG fanboy, but clearly it isn't that slow or that overhyped if it kept up with the Iphone7 and only lost by 2 points.

  4. "lg v20 is not as snappy as you think it is" Well who cares if I waste a few milliseconds? I get removable battery, micro sd, better camera in my opinion, usb c, a great headphone jack, and more.

  5. ok so, iphone can't do much, it's boring. Ios is boring. But it can do the boring stuff really fast. While android devices like lg v20 can do more things at a little slower speed. A win to lg 20 according to me :).

  6. no one cares about how fast apps can open on either device…the v20's battery can easily outlast the iphone 7 plus's. not to say that apple's devices aren't just as good, but they're not the best smartphones in the world. I would've gotten the iphone 7 plus if the shipping dates weren't so ridiculously long lol the v20 is very snappy. everything is always a competition. its getting so old…just pick what you like. not trying to troll or anything but dont make another device seem shitty because it's not as fast as an iphone. hell, the v20 has a headphone jack with a quad dac built in it….that's what made me come to a conclusion.

  7. Yeah, the LG v20 is sporting a 5.7" 1440p display vs iPhone 7plus 5.5" 1080p display. The LG V20 has the LG UI on top of Android. And time it takes turning a phone on & off varies and is never the exact same time, so that part of the speed test is pointless. Even the fingerprint unlock is flawed because no two humans have the same fingerprint. I give this speedtest win to the powerful LG V20 easily!

  8. The downloading of the asphalt 8 game was unfair.Because I have seen that every Android phone seems to install asphalt 8 faster than iPhones but it's actually not.If you actually enter the game after installation on Android,it asks you to install additional around 1.3 gb of extra content.But if you install the game on iOS and then enter,you will see that it takes you directly to the game.

  9. I give a lot of credit for your amazing tests. But calm down a bit bro, keep it neutral. You're supposed to do the benchmark comparison, then give us your unbiased opinion, since the last comment seemed like a revenge against LG Owner or supporters.

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