Make a WD My Cloud Work Like Dropbox with the New My Cloud Sync

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The new WD My Cloud 3.0 update adds a new syncing feature that makes the My Cloud work like Dropbox.

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The syncing feature works by linking a My Cloud folder to a specific folder on a computer. Any changes made in either place get uploaded and synchronized, even if multiple computers are attached to the same folder.

WD Sync software also keeps five levels of revision history and offers undelete functionality too in case another user deletes a file.

I found it works very well, although occasionally syncing feels a little slower than it might with a cloud service like Dropbox.

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32 thoughts on “Make a WD My Cloud Work Like Dropbox with the New My Cloud Sync

  1. Is it possible to put an iTunes library on a WD My Cloud and have my Apple TV see that folder at all times for playback? Or is there a way to add my Mac Mini in the mix so that it's seeing the library all the time?

  2. Thank you Lon. Great videos, your tutorials work better than WD's own materials, honestly speaking!! For this My Cloud Sync function, do you know if one can selective sync (like in Dropbox and Google Drive)? It is important for saving disc space for computers with limited storage. Thank you Lon!!

  3. may i share a whole folder with any of my client just like dropbox. i know this support sending direct access/download links for single files. For sharing folders i think client also have to create a/c on he should also have this device?

  4. Hi Lon, Thanks for the videos. I cannot seem to see how to collaborate with others (using the WD DL2100) similar to dropbox. i.e., sharing folders and documents so others can update, edit and share on their local computers. Any help will be appreciated.Thanks

  5. I desperately want this to work for me but it's not happening! Although I've got it all set up, the sync only works one way. If I add something to a local folder it works; however, if I add something to the folder on the My Cloud, it doesn't sync to the local folder. Any advice would be appreciated!

  6. Great video Lon! What WD software do you usually recommend for storing (and backupping) photo's/video's centrally on the WD NAS, while still being able to edit them? We got WD SmartWare, WD Sync or just copy-paste via 'Windows file manager' on the NAS? Tx! PS. Got a MyCloud Mirror Gen2.

  7. Thanks for the video Lon. My free 50Gb dropbox storage is expiring and since I have mycloud 2TB I was thinking if this has dropbox features.
    Does the app have an android phone and iphone sync app too? or just for desktops/laptops.
    Was also considering the MS office 365 subscription as a replacement for dropbox.

  8. Thanks for these great tutorials especially those on the WD My Cloud. After months of frustration, serious contemplation of dumping it, and following somewhat dubious advice from various online sources, thanks to your videos I now have a functional and practical My Cloud device that I actually like. Also thanks for the info video on the Belkin thunderbolt dock. Thunderbolt was a bit of a mystery to me and the info from online retailers and Belkin was somewhat sketchy as to what it could and could not do. Your video cleared the fog and made it clear to me that I had no need of one and thus saved me a great deal of money. I intend to recommend your YouTube channel to all my friends, who frequently ask me for technical advice. Keep the great reviews and tutorials coming. Thank you from a cold and wet Welsh valley.

  9. Can I choose which folders synchronise with the computer I've assigned WD Sync to? For Example, if I had folders "1", "2" and "3" in WD Sync and downloaded WD Sync to a different computer, would I be able to choose to only synchronise folder 2. This would be helpful to me as I'm trying to upload large amounts of data from an animation sequence rendering on 23 computers and I don't want WD sync to keep downloading what I'm trying to upload to my drive as I fear the hard drives would fill up.

  10. I made the mistake of working with the file stored within the WD drive. Doing this does not update the synced files on shared devices. Only by using the file on the specified sync folder on a device will the file be synced.

  11. Hello Lon, thanks for the video. I have been trying to setup my cloud for three users in such a way that they will have access to a folder to synchronize with. Currently I cannot get two accounts to receive a file uploaded by the the third one. I have tried doing the following:
    -Created user A and User B and installed WD sync on two computers connected to A and B respectively.
    -Denied A and B access to their private folders but granted acces to a public folder where files should be synchronised to.

    -Created user C, installed Wd Sync on two computers 1 and 2.
    -When I add a folder to be synchronised using WD sync setting on Computer 1 but This folder is not synchronised with Computer 2.
    Can you help please?

  12. WD Sync is crap software. "Why?!" you say. Well, you can only put the folder, that is mapped to the My Cloud folder, on your OS drive. No other drives are possible. What if your OS drive is too full, like mine? Sorry – you simply cannot put it on drive D or E or F.

  13. do you want to tell me that if I have a doc on my WD my cloud and I open it on my Mac or Windows and save it, I wont see it on the other computer ??? it doesnt make any sense.

  14. Great vid and thanks for highlighting this new feature! A question Lon please. I was wondering with this "WD Sync" feature essentially your files and folders will be backed up once you include all the relevant folders. By doing so we can stop using WD SmartWare for backing up right?

  15. I link up a folder on my Mac with a folder on MyCloud. But the existing files on my Mac will never be "uploaded" to the folder on MyClooud. Is this only a feature for newly added files after the set up?

  16. Hi Lon, thanks for all the great reviews. I have a Mycloud EX2, and have installed wd sync. It works well, except for one thing, it creates a folder called .WDTemp, currently mine after just a few weeks now holds 140GB of temporary files. There seems to be no way of preventing it from doing this, the only support I have found regarding this is a forum which doesn't provide the answer. When I went to the WD site, clicking Contact Support merely displays the words Contact Support. Do you have any ideas?

  17. Thanks for sharing these really great videos on the My Cloud ins and outs. I'm pretty sure I've learned more from you about my hard drive then I did from the WD learning site!

  18. I am, and a bunch of other users, are having a problem with uploading files larger than 1GB to the My Cloud. The upload will stop at 999MB. There does not seem to be a solution to this and affect both Mac and Windows users. In my case this problem happened a few months ago and not prior. Would appreciate if you could help with this. Thanks.

  19. Yes it's kind of working, but the sync is not very good because the sync back from the online to your local file system has a big delay and sometimes it even did not notice that a file has changed. Guess it's on the way to become good but far away from the smooth sync of oneDrive or DropBox, which have little icons they show me if a file is synced or not, and that is very helpful.

  20. It seems like Windows version only syncs in 'Public' directory on My Cloud drive. I cannot seem to find a way to change it? Like Mac version you show lets you pick the folder (left hand bar on app).

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