20 thoughts on “Mercedes convertible top hydraulic fluid replacement R129

  1. Do all the functions on the DS mirror work? Mirror retract / folding function …..it is clear and the adjuster motor works. My mirror doesn't fold back.
    As for the the wheels..I'm interested but don't have any wheels to swap..!!! The ones on the car now are staggered AMG and are for another project….hence the need for the 8×16 set. Any way we can get them off the car once it is loaded on to the truck if the wrecker uses a flat bed? At their yard the will just use a fork lift to take it off.
    I will pick everything up. I need some prices. You can call me at 905 632 0187. Thanks Brian

  2. Hydraulic top… Man.. Do I really want to get into that mess. Why does Mercedes not believe in electronics? I'm evil I disconnected my vacuum actuated door locks and headrests

  3. I don't remember for sure what the comment was…seems the original poster deleted it….If I recall it was some estimate from a dealer to repair a hydraulic top..that ended up being a bad relay or something

  4. I am looking to pick up a 92 r129 as my next project. The seats need new leather but the seller says it leaks gas around the the injectors. If you were evaluating what other things would you be looking for? How do i review the hydraulic system to make sure the roll bar and top work to identify leaks? Thanks again for the videos

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