Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors: REBIRTH (S3EP1)


For one last season, it’s time for some more Funny Windows Errors: REBIRTH! Now in HD for those care for that. 😛

Quick disclaimer for the series ahead, error requests will be limited this season. This will help keep the video length down. I apologise for any inconveinience caused by this.

Microsoft Sam has returned for one final season of Funny Windows Errors on AT88TV. In this debut episode, Sam has to overcome Windows Doctor, Windows North Korea and preaches about tacos for all in 2016. Solid start.

Outro Music: Victor Ohlsson – Heavy Industrial Anger 1


15 thoughts on “Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors: REBIRTH (S3EP1)

  1. 2:51 – Forgive me if I sound like a grammar nazi, but I would suggest that you drop the "s" in "anyways," as that more people say "anyway," rather than "anyways," especially here on YouTube. I know I've said "anyways" quite a number of times in the past, but I've learned from that mistake.

  2. Finally~! But at least, a fair end season. Thank you so much, AT88TV and Ducky ♥♥♥ But I think the audio was pretty good, nothing wrong from my speakers. Can't wait for the next episode :)

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