Midday Child Portrait Shoot, Plus Tips for Self Portraits – Shoot from the Hip Family Vlog (Ep #2)

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In this weeks vlog I battle two Sith lords (my boys) and then take their portraits (together) outdoors during the day. I also show you how to get more interesting pictures by incorporating leading lines.

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11 thoughts on “Midday Child Portrait Shoot, Plus Tips for Self Portraits – Shoot from the Hip Family Vlog (Ep #2)

  1. When you list your settings I've noticed 90mm is that where you set your zoom or is that the lens that your using? Im waiting for my canon rebel t5 to come in the mail and am loving looking through your videos for tips and tricks.

  2. This is it! Your niche. Loved it! Ok a couple of things: it is NO FAIR that it's shorts and t-shirt weather where you live. Just sayin'. Chick-fil-A and you spit shining Z made me smile. You can make power lines look rad. Awesome episode, Moose!

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