Misleading Thumbnail (Apple)

This video is intended to be a joke. 🙂
Warning: The description can be misleading!
For example: This video has generated such as these words:
apple app store
apple account
apple appointment
apple android microsoft
apple airport extreme
apple airport
apple android
apple airport express
apple airplay
apple accessories
apple + b
apple butter recipe
apple black friday 2014
apple bottom jeans
apple bread
apple battery replacement
apple buyback
apple black friday
apple brown betty
apple bread recipe
apple + c
apple cider vinegar
apple crisp
apple customer service
apple cobbler
apple cider
apple cider vinegar benefits
apple cake recipe
apple careers
apple crumble
apple + d
apple developer
apple dumplings
apple desserts
apple dessert recipes
apple dump cake
apple daily
apple dividend
apple developer login
apple desktop
apple downloads
apple + e
apple education store
apple earnings call
apple email
apple earnings


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