Multi-Touch Gestures on iPad for Free : Tutorial without Jailbreak

Ok.. in this video I am going to show you how to enable a cool feature for your ipad that wasnt incuded by default by Apple. These gestures make it simple to scroll between apps similar to an android device. Multi touch gestures add to the experience with your ipad. This works on both ipad 1 & 2 IOS 4.3 and the newer update 4.3.1.. This does not require you to jailbreak or download XCode for a Mac that cost $5 or anything.. What you need to do is have a PC and then download a program called iBackupBot.. then you need to do a backup of your ipad using iTunes..

Now.. the file you are going to edit on your ipad backup using iBackupBot is below..


the code you are going to need is below.. Youtube will not let me post the actual code.. because it has arrows so i changed the first arrow to a * and i changed the last arrow to a + so make sure to change those.. pause my video and see what i mean or type it out yourself.. stupid…


20 thoughts on “Multi-Touch Gestures on iPad for Free : Tutorial without Jailbreak

  1. im not sure if this works or not on iPad 1 but in iPad 2 after IOS5 update if you goto options there is a multi-touch gesture built in and does the same thing i tried it last night with my wife's ipad 2.

  2. i did what u said and now after the back up it will not turn on it tried plugging it in to see if it was a dead battery but it still dos not work i just got it 2 days ago HELP ME PLEASE!!! 

  3. I tried to do this, and something went wrong. I'm pretty sure I did everything right, but there were no multitouch gestures after the restore. and when i went to go back and change what I did, there is no "Library/Preferences/" its not there. I did a restore on my iPad, and it wont backup now because of an unknown error. what should I do now? can i delete that backup maybe, and try to create a new one now that i've restored my ipad? thanks, please respond asap.

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