Music Vlog: August 6, 2013 : Elements

The first two excerpts are posted on

(2 new excerpts per day this week leading up to the release on August 12)

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9 thoughts on “Music Vlog: August 6, 2013 : Elements

  1. Well one is pretty easy, all that is needed are dfx and the OST is just tension based. So plenty of sustained notes and clusters. The other is a lot more psychological and the cues can be difficult sometimes as they have to portray two opposing emotions simultaneously sometimes.

  2. Thanks Jamie. Wow, TWO games? Seriously, best of luck maintaining the balance. Drink some green tea, cause that is some hard work. After finishing this project I'm actually starting a new project right away. And here I was seriously concerned about a week overlap. I could not imagine doing two at a time. I look forward to your progress!

  3. It's wonderful to see someone so enthusiastic about their work. You can never talk too long 🙂 currently In production for 2 computer games and they are both horrors, meaning a lot of my work is done in a dark space emotionally as well as physically to bring the best out in the work. Exhausting but marvellous fun had in granular synthesis. You rock the beard ;)

  4. Hey nice to see you again!, cant wait to hear those tracks! I missed the Ravel with John Williams's brother who is a virtuoso timpanist, did you go? I'll see you at the next event!

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